About Varakkappi

Tea shops were always one of our friend right from college days. This fact came to our realization when we were hanging out in a coffee shop in Chennai and that minute we decided to upgrade our friendship. This is when we decided to have our own coffee shop.

Right from our childhood, we had the excitement of visiting a foreign country whenever we had to visit Coimbatore. We have a deep bonding with the city, So we have decided to combine our cherished place with our cherished city.

We have a vast experience in terms of visiting a coffee shop and we are sure of what a guest will enjoy. We have made sure all of what we enjoyed in other coffee shops are available in Varakkappi and what we think was missing in others are also present. We have put all of our energies, time and efforts in to One thing - Guest's pleasant experience when they are visiting us.

Varakkappi is the best place you will find in the city with a blend of traditional coffee/tea in a modern ambiance of a coffee shop. We will request you to experience that for yourselves and you have all the liberty to share your feedback if you think otherwise.

Vision & Mission

To offer a plesant and relaxing ambience for our guests with a rich blend of traditional and modern choices of Coffee & Tea.